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Emotional Logic is a quick and easy life skill to learn. As a child therapist, I use this model to support my older children and young people.

I also use Emotional Logic as a way of supporting the family or other key adults around a client I am working with, or with the family as a whole.

If you are school based, Emotional Logic has a school’s package that I can support you in delivering to your students.

What is it?

Emotional Logic is a life skill that helps you face life’s challenges and embrace change. It helps you manage and make sense of your emotions when you are in a difficult situation. If you’ve lost your energy and enjoyment of life, Emotional Logic can help you quickly reclaim them.

Emotional Logic helps you make sense of your emotions and how they fit together in a way that helps you adjust to changes, set-backs or losses in your life.

Emotional Logic is not a therapy or counselling. It provides a safe life skill you can use for change that does not conflict with any other therapy or counselling you might be having.

Emotional Logic is quick and easy to learn, with many people gaining huge benefits and energy within two to four sessions. Once you understand it, you can use Emotional Logic to help others around you, so that it becomes a natural part of your daily conversations.

How does it work?

Emotional Logic helps you understand that all your emotions have a useful purpose, even the emotions around loss and disappointment which can often be unpleasant like anxiety, anger, guilt and depression. It helps you understand that unpleasant emotions are not part of the problem but part of the solution of adjusting to change.

Loss emotions show you what you consider valuable in your life and Emotional Logic helps you use these emotions logically to create an action plan for positive change.

When you understand your loss emotions with Emotional Logic, it helps you face new challenges confidently and with resilience. You’ll understand better how to help yourself and others and to be proactive in changing things in your life that aren’t how you want them to be.

You will learn to make better decisions, to develop your empathy and to enhance your selfrespect.

Emotional Logic is a safe and strong foundation to help you move forwards positively from hurt, disappointment and setbacks.

Who can learn it?

Emotional Logic works for older children, young people and adults of all ages. It can be taught to individuals, families or groups of people. It is used in a lot of schools to support and enhance the ethos and culture of the school as well as equipping students with an essential life skill and many businesses use it too.

I’m interested! What do I do next?

Please get in contact with Elaine for a chat. You can email her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or give her a call on 01749 599066. She’ll answer any questions you might have, and you can discuss the best next steps for you with her.

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