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Adult asking questions

1. Where are you based?

My studio is at Mendip Court, South Horrington, Wells. BA3 2DG.

2. Do you have the relevant insurance, DBS and risk assessments etc.?

Yes, I do. I’m on the DBS update service and you can find me there (I will provide number etc.) You can find me on the professionals register of PTUK and my BAPT number is in the footer of my website (www.creatingcalm.co.uk). I’m happy to provide insurance details and risk assessments as part of our intake meeting.

3. What is your minimum contract time?

I work in blocks of 20 weeks for private work, although if funding is in 12-week blocks that’s ok. We can just discuss how we are going to move things on and make a thorough plan.

4. I’ve got a child or teen in school (or somewhere else) who needs therapy or counselling. Will you travel to us?

I don’t travel any more I’m afraid. I just don’t have the time. You are welcome to refer a child to me and for them to come and see me at the studio though. I’m based in Wells.

5. Do you do sibling and family work?

Yes, my qualifications with TraumaPlay allow me to do this. We do just need to chat the case specifics through though as sometimes individual sessions can be a better approach for some, or all, of the therapeutic work.

6. Can you tell me everything that goes on in a session?

In a word – no. Sessions are confidential for the client. I may share general things like, ‘they engaged really well today’ but unless there is a safeguarding concern or a disclosure then I will say very little.

7. Will you attend meetings?

Generally, I don’t because of time limitations. Court appearances would obviously be different. Any administration or reports will be charged for, as will time in meetings or in court and any administration and travel around those events. You will have full details of additional costs in my contract.

8. Can you do a formal report for parents or professionals?

Yes, I can, but there is an additional charge for this service. Please see my contract for details.

9. Do you do staff training and/or parent and carer courses?

Yes. I am part of a training team at Jigsaw Academy of Therapeutic Training. We can help with staff training as well as parent and carer courses. Please just get in touch!

10. Do you provide supervision?

Yes, as a trainee supervisor for TraumaPlay and (hopefully) after the summer of 2022 for PTUK as well – also as a trainee supervisor. I can also supervise under BACP. Please ask for more details.


If you have any questions, please feel free to drop me an email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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